Hi, I’m Leon Gaban
Front-end Developer

In lieu of a traditional portfolio, let me show you my last project.

The Who@ Website & Web App

I was brought on to the Who@ team to rebuild their original website and web app in a responsive design. Worked closely with devops, designer and back-end devs on the front-end of a LAMP (Python) stack.

  • Technologies used:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3(SASS)
  • jQuery (module pattern)
  • Python
  • REST apis
  • AJAX
  • Mako templates
About Me

Reducing server requests with SVGs

The first challenge in rebuilding their website & web app was addressing all the performance issues. There were close to a hundred different icons and illustrations used.

I reduced the number of server requests down to just 2 SVG files, 1 for icons and 1 for large illustrations.

Being in vector format, the new images also looked great on mobile devices or scaled in.

Organizing styling with SASS

SASS is amazing, I followed the SMACSS philopshy which is excellent for organizing and maintaining CSS.

Styling of the app is now easier to manage, with scss files for each view, and for example resets, masters, defaults, mixins, animations and queries nicely organized.

All scss files made CSS modular, and in the end all compiled down into a compressed CSS file for production.

You can view all examples posted on Github.

Refactoring Javascript and Python

For the Javascript I used the jQuery module pattern to organize the front-end code. Each module has a specific purpose, either related to a view or a function, like the dashboard, networking, messaging, profile etc...

Our back-end was written in Python so I had to learn enough to create new Python views. Examples: Dashboard, Profile, FTUE(First time user experience). I would either make Python or API calls to get requests back for templates or JSON data.

Mako Templates where used to render HTML (Mako allows the use of Python code to render content from dictionaries or objects). Examples: Master, Dashboard, contacts functions

About Me

I have a passion for crafting user experiences, if the web was built with LEGO I’d probably be using those some how.

While designing or coding I prefer listening to ambient music or a podcast, I follow the people over at css-tricks and read on smashing magazine to stay updated in the industry. My favorite code editor is Sublime Text 2.

For pleasure I listen to several podcasts including Let’s talk Bitcoin, Hardcore History or the Joe Rogan podcast, for hobbies I love practicing Jujitsu and Bikram yoga.

You can follow me on Twitter here.

If you were looking for my older portfolio, you can find it here (Version 6).