As a frontend developer who came from a design background and not computer science, I’ve often pondered this question for as long as I’ve been coding.

In the past I phrased it slightly different actually, which framework is the most important for any developer? That was the wrong question to ask the entire time. Now as I look back on my 10+ year career in the digital creative world, I understand that the most important skill is learning. And to add to that, the most important passion to nourish is a lust for learning.

Everything I do now has all been self-taught. In 2007 right after the iPhone first launched, Apple announced that they were going to drop support of Flash. They basically killed off my career path at that time for good reasons, thus Frontend development was the next logical step for me.

It was a fun journey, I finally had some real fire under my ass to learn somethings I’ve always wanted to learn, from Javascript to Git to terminal commands etc etc. Video tutorials started to blow up around that time as well and now you can find an online course for practically everything web development related.

Now these days, especially as a frontend developer, we’re overloaded with choices of frameworks, libraries, toolkits, and so much more. What to use to build this app or that app, should we go native now or eventually later.

These questions have to be asked frequently, then once a decision has been made, intense focus on learning the chosen item has to be done.

We do our work with an agile methodology, we should learn the same way.